Velform Chin Wrap

Velform Chin Wrap is an excellent tool to help reduce sagging skin under your chin. It can effectively get rid of a double chin, without surgery. The wrap is used in combination with a special gel that helps tighten up the skin under your chin.
Velform Chin Wrap
As we age, our skin loses its elasticity and begins to droop or sag. Fat deposits slowly stretch out the skin, resulting in the drooping look. It is tough to lose weight in your chin, but you can firm up the skin. A healthy diet and moderate exercise can help maintain a healthy weight. Unfortunately, some people are genetically predisposed to sagging skin, and cannot get away from a double chin.

There are numerous gels and creams to help combat the signs of aging, but this particular wrap uses a combination attack on sagging skin. The wrap works with the gel to get the deepest penetration into the skin. The tight wrap acts as a massage, working the gel into the skin. The gel is a key part of the treatment, and should not be skipped.

The specially formulated gel is a reaffirming gel that will help tighten up the loose skin. The gel works on the loose epidermis cells that need tightening. The gel has rosa mosqueta oil and gotu kola. Gotu kola is said to produce collagen, which is needed for firm skin. These ingredients have been a part of Indian and Chinese medicine for centuries. The Rosa Mosqueta oil is a natural flower grown in the Andes. The rosa mosqueta oil helps improve skin regeneration, and reduces the signs of aging. It has long been used as an ingredient in lotions, to provide healthy, glowing skin.

Velform Chin Wrap

easy to use

The Velform Chin Wrap is extremely easy to use and only takes 30 minutes a day. Apply the gel that accompanies every package. After you have applied the gel, you simply don the chin wrap for ten minutes. The procedure should be done once in the morning and once in the evening. The evening application should be worn for 20 minutes for the best results. The mask is much like an ace bandage. It can be adjusted to fit any size, and is very comfortable to wear. The face wrap is placed around the neck and chin areas.

You will most likely see results in about seven days, but to get the best results, use it for 30 consecutive days. You can choose to wear it longer at night. The skin is more relaxed in the evening, and you will most likely have more time to leave it on.
Chin Wrap
The Velform Chin Wrap is inexpensive and so convenient to use at home, or, even if you are away.

For years people have worked to get rid of a sagging double chin with face exercises and expensive plastic surgery. With the Velform Chin Wrap, you can eliminate the painful surgeries and have the same results naturally. There are no known negative side effects to using the wrap, making it safe for anybody to use. You can choose to use it as often as necessary, to achieve your desired results.